Phil’s shot. Zemen monastery with Martenitsa decorations hanging from the tree in the foreground.

Today was the day for churches beginning first with Zemen monastery and its cute, little stone church dating from the 11th century. While the outside of the church lacks much in the way of ornamentation, the inside is rich with frescoes. In fact, the portraits inside the church

Bulgarian flag & dancers ss
Steve’s shot. Street dancing in the park in front of the National Theatre in central Sofia.

Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, turns out to be a fascinating city to visit. Alive with the bustle of people rushing here and there, groups of tourists scurrying from shop to shop, young and old promenading along the Vitosha pedestrian boulevard, high heels tip tapping down cobbled streets, vagrants sleeping on benches, people dancing in the park (I’m not sure why)…the city bursts with activity, with contrast and