BUL_0962What you will learn

We have designed an in-depth learning experience that packs in a massive amount of technical and creative information. You will be taught how to set up your camera for that perfect composition and how later, to use sophisticated editing tools and techniques to turn your great captures into images of perfection. You will learn how to control exposure to capture brilliant skies without loss of foreground detail, you will be introduced to night time and low light photography and experience how shutter speed can be used creatively to add drama and atmosphere to your shots. In the end you will leave this course as a distinctly improved photographer, able to better plan your own photo shoots, capture the results you envision and ultimately impress your viewing audience.

DSC_0490How you will learn

Our aim is to send you home as an all-round better photographer. To that end we have developed a teaching curriculum that focuses on teaching you as much as possible in a very short time. We will show you how to take better pictures with demonstrations, we will cover technical difficulties with on-site workshops, help you improve your images with editing sessions and then discuss your images in critiques for even better future results. You will leave our tour not just with great images, but also with a clear idea of how to use your skills in other locations and what skills you need to work on next.

DSC_0001The curriculum

The curriculum is comprised of four instructional components in order to optimize the learning opportunities for every participant.

1 Before the fact learning


Brief introductory discussions about specific techniques, strategies, tricks and tips prior to heading out for a shoot ensure that you are prepared and confident before you even arrive on location. This saves time and frustration and allows for preliminary trouble-shooting so that your experience in the field is positive and productive.

2 During the fact learning

On-site Workshops

We have developed a set of short, condensed on-site workshops aimed at enhancing your practical photographic skills. Each workshop will be site-specific and will help you capitalize on the photographic potential of each location.


Both in the field and back in the editing sessions our instructors will share with you their secrets, they will show you exactly how they get great results. They will show you exactly how to deal with the challenges of each location and how later, to edit and enhance your results towards that perfect shot.

Hands-on Tuition

Our instructors have very diverse and extensive photographic experience but they all have one aim – to make you a better photographer. Steve, Evo and Phil will be there every step of the way to guide you through the process of shooting each wonderful location, each editing session and each and every photographic decision.

Guided Editing Sessions

We have scheduled topical editing sessions that will coincide with the content of your photo-shoots. These editing sessions will cover such things as compositing, masks, cropping etc., and many other useful tricks and tips. An on-site bracketing workshop, where you learn to take multiple shots of the same thing for example, will be backed up later by teaching you how to stitch those multiples together in the editing room.

3 After the fact learning

Critiques and Presentations

On this trip your learning will be not be limited to simply shooting and editing, we will also critique your finished images in scheduled presentations. These presentations are aimed at your future improvement. Once your images are finished we will help you select your best images and together we will discuss your work and advise you on how you might improve in future shoots.

4 Future learning

Final Presentation

At the end of the trip your instructors will present your best images from the trip to the group and discuss the successes of each image. This final presentation will highlight your photographic achievements during the trip and provide you with some farewell suggestions to work on in the future. You will be critiqued by three professionals in the field whose sole aim is to tell you what you did well and how to improve on that success so that you leave knowing what you accomplished and how to improve even more.

Barb Hartwell of Aurora, On recieves photographic tips and guidance from National Georgraphic photographer and Cre8tive Endeavor Photo Tour guide Evo Danchev. They are in a field near the town of Zemen, in Pernik Province, western Bulgaria. They are part of a 14-day intensive photo tour of Bulgaria.
Barb Hartwell of Aurora, On recieves photographic tips and guidance from National Georgraphic photographer and Cre8tive Endeavor Photo Tour guide Evo Danchev. They are in a field near the town of Zemen, in Pernik Province, western Bulgaria. They are part of a 14-day intensive photo tour of Bulgaria.

Who will teach you?

You will be taught by THREE multi-talented photographers: Including a Professor of Fine Art, a Canadian photo journalist and a Bulgarian photographer and art-director for National Geographic, Bulgaria. Together they have a diverse and highly developed set of skills and will all be available everyday throughout the trip to help you create incredible images. With three instructors, it is possible to teach you what you need to learn on an individual basis. From editing techniques, to awesome landscape photographic techniques and compositional strategies, our three instructors are committed to making you the best photographer you can be.

DSC_0742 (1)What will be the result?

Whatever your experience, you will come away from this holiday with a more comprehensive understanding of the mechanics, subtleties and intricacies of landscape photography and the post-editing process. And you will have images you will be proud to call your own.

Beyond the learning though, you will find yourself surrounded by the stunning and diverse landscapes of Bulgaria. You will greet the sunrise and bid farewell to the sunset from dramatic locations that will make your heart race with the sheer splendour of it all. You will feed your body on wonderfully wholesome, flavourful dishes; quench your thirst with refreshing local wines; and rest your weary bones beneath the eaves of traditional guesthouses. This truly is a tour for all your senses.