From This to That Photo Editing Tutorial

From This To That Photo Editing Tutorial

rsz_14249726_10157234623565012_7873921449654876347_oIn this first photo editing tutorial Phil Sheil demonstrates basic editing techniques in Photoshop to help transform “this” pretty good image to “that” much more interesting one. Using levels, saturation and colour balance Phil demonstrates how to adjust a colour palette to create greater impact. He demonstrates the use of layers for separating the subject from the background and various painting techniques.

Phil is an instructor for Creative Endeavors and also a full time university professor of art and design. He has extensive experience with Photoshop having used it for years in his own artistic practice and also having taught it year after year at university.

Welcome to our first photo editing tutorial. It is the intention of this blog to provide helpful demonstrations of how aspiring photographers might utilise post-processing programs such as Photoshop to enhance their final images. We welcome your suggestions and questions in the comments below.


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