A Quick Photography Critique with Phil

A Quick Photography Critique

DSC_1750 4The following photography critique is given by Phil Sheil, an instructor for Creative Endeavors and full time university professor of art and design. Although very familiar with teaching and running student critiques, this is his first attempt at a video critique…It wasn’t as easy to do as he had first thought it would be.

In this photography critique Phil discusses the strengths and weaknesses of a submitted photo. The critique demonstrates the use of “Rule of Thirds” in composing an image and providing space for the subject to “breathe”. Using a photoshop mock up, Phil also provides a clear example of how the photo might have been improved. Suggestions for improving focus and exposure through use of bracketing techniques are also discussed.

Have your photography critiqued

Welcome to the first of what we hope will become many photography critiques. The intention is to provide useful information for aspiring photographers who are looking for ways to advance their learning and experience. We invite your comments about what is (and what is not) helpful about the critiques. We also invite any suggestions as to how the critiques might be improved.

Any photographers wishing to have one of their own photos critiqued are encouraged to submit their images at the following email: photocritique@photoholidayce.com



April 5, 2017
Thanks for the good critique and good advice on how to take better shots. I've heard of bracketing before but I haven't used it - I'll try it out soon. I particularly liked the idea of showing how the photo could have been improved from a composition perspective - I presume something like PS's content-aware capability was used to do that?

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