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27 Dec-3 Jan -- 2500 Euro
Creative Endeavors photography tours get you to some of the most stunning and most remote locations in Bulgaria. At the same time, we provide you with an in-depth learning experience that packs in a massive amount of technical and creative information. Beyond the photography though, you will leave with fond memories of spirited conversations over dinner, hilarious experiences shared in the field, and lasting friendships made among an awesome group of people.
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Personal Story: Barb Hartwell
A Creative Endeavors Student
Canadian, Barb Hartwell, joined our South Loop Tour this past July, 2016. She arrived camera in-hand, a little apprehensive both about the complexities of the camera and the seemingly daunting 2 weeks of rigorous activity ahead of her…but full of enthusiasm and ready to try anything. With a quick wit and keen sense of humour she very quickly dove into the experience with such passion that there were many a time we had to pry her camera from her tightly clutched fingers so we could get going. Steep mountains, slippery boulders, towering heights and deep, dark caves proved to be no obstacle for Barb as she very quickly mastered the intricacies of her camera as well as any inner fears and doubts.
Learn more about Barb’s experience in our Travelogue.

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The instruction offered on these tours is simply phenomenal. The groups are small, the instructors extraordinarily qualified, both as photographers and as educators, and the learning experiences both intensive and personal. Through hands-on demonstrations, one to one tuition, informative onsite workshops, intensive editing sessions and lively critiques and group presentations you will definitely leave our tour with great images. However, you will also leave with a clear idea of how to use your skills in future locations and with a clear set of goals as to which skills to develop further.

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